How to hook up on adult sites: The best kinky guide

Learn how to hookup online like a pro and practice the adult dating lifestyle. Find like-minded singles and couples with the same fetishes and kinks 

The science of hookups is a very new definition that combines social statistics analysis and best pickup strategies gathered by experts. Adult dating blogs make more researches yearly

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Kinky Meet

With the rapid growth of the latest tendencies and people’s sexual awareness, it’s no surprise that a quest for investigations increases too. The bigger our knowledge is, the more we succeed. 

The real sex-positivity is an instant response to someone’s offer of erotic adventures or new experiences. It’s when our buddy or romantic partner suggests a fashionable kink to us, and we’re like, Ok! 

Becoming that fast in decisions is a key to adult realms we weren’t even thinking about before. Join these alluring secret societies of pleasure without any doubt or insecurity of the old times.

Best hookup apps to fight vanilla stereotypes 

We would never expect back in the 2000s that being called a perv can be cool or honorable. But it’s so true now, when both singles and couples are just tired of the former sex patterns

To adopt a more efficient hookup philosophy, wake up your personal turn-ons you may have buried due to social blockages. Best kinky apps are going to assist you in that.


Stereotypes Of Vanilla Hookup
Vanilla Hookup App

While creating their profile, each user can indicate fetishes he is interested in. Then chances to find like-minded personals increase. Here is the approximate list of fetish groups on FetLife

  • Dominant – 37%
  • Kinkster – 26%
  • Swinger – 19%
  • Brat – 11%
  • Not applicable – 7%

The last option includes queers, pansexual, and asexual folks, basically anyone who doesn’t fit into the box. This shows once again FetLife is open for all categories of kinky seekers. 

Top Hookup Apps Stereotypes
Choose Best Hookup App

In fact, over 60 fetishes and 11 sexual orientations are presented on FetLife to choose from. There are feet lovers, cuckolds, bondage performers, food fetishists, furry sex admirers, and much more. 


Often called Tinder for kinksters, it is a full-fledged BDSM / fetish application that allows to clearly express someone’s preferences in the profile. It is very switch-friendly though. 

Many users have to indicate both dominating and submissive categories, so, it isn’t clear what they represent and what they prefer. It can always be asked right in the chat

Since the Kinkoo fetish list isn’t fixed, we may only analyze its pros comparing to other hookup apps.

  • Stylish and seductive design 
  • Sexy virtual gifts as ice-breakers 
  • Naughty group chat 


It is a successful BDSM & fetish hookup app the rate of which keeps on growing. In this specific area of sex, the borders and limitations are very conditional. 

Fetish Dating Chat Online
Fetish Dating Call

From swingers to group players, it often involves several people and the demand is always high. No wonder some of BDSM admirers became great specialists in their field and made it their business. 

  • Mistresses
  • Unicorns 
  • Swingers
  • Alpha males

Although isn’t the largest one, KinkD platform fulfills its promises and helps to build a new-world society with honest kinks and sex specialties. Its role is well-reflected in adult blogs.

Top Asian hookups on body rub maps 

In 2021/2022, it became a huge trend to order body rub services from British hotties. It’s much more fun than traveling to Asia for sex or dating local chicks from Chinese districts

In massage parlors, Thai girls prevail but there are also Filipina and Indonesian chicks. Both singles and couples are ordering this naughty service, so it’s perfect for swingers or cheating. 


Online Dating Hookup RubMap
Massage Dating

Rubmaps is exactly the site where all these kinky HE spots are revealed. Find them the closest to your current location and enjoy the skilled masseuses’ sexy companionship. 

These Asian SPAs and parlors listings are accurate, comfy to use, and modern looking. It’s easy to search for what you need and set up the session as soon as your desire requests.  

  • GFE
  • MT
  • CFS
  • CFS
  • Nuru

Four-handed body rub with mutual touch is the most popular service throughout the US. While Nuru body-to-body massage either with the foam or oil is ordered by aesthetic and horny folks


Sexy Woman On Rubmaps Dating
Browsing Rubmap Site

Rubratings is the site you don’t want to miss. Not just it contains the escort listings themselves, but also real clients’ reviews on each particular provider. 

Convenient to surf and user-friendly, Rubratings lists all kinky Asian SPAs and local body rub studios according to one’s area of interest. The choice is always much bigger than on Google. 

  • Dominatrix masseuse 
  • Roleplay 
  • Same-sex body rub 
  • Sex toys stimulating 
  • FWB 

All masseuses are adults or legal teens. Petite Asian ladies and ladyboys may create the impression they’re younger, but it’s not the case. There were no law issues connected with Rubratings. 

Free Hookup Date On Rubmaps
On A Free Date

Exactly this site perfectly shows how much the format of body rub has changed lately. Literally any fetish can be ordered in advance, just like with regular call girls. 


MPReviews listings aren’t exactly for cheating or adultery, like many other hookup member bases. It’s about different kinds of massages, indeed, and is worthy of respect. 

The bigger and more known massage parlors and kinky SPAs are greatly welcoming the couples, too. So, it’s basically to widen your partner’s sexual horizone, not to betray him or her. 

  • Trans massage – 21%
  • Teens 18 y.o. – 9%
  • Granny masseuses – 8%
  • BBW – 19%
  • Coupled massage – 43%

This site gallery isn’t open to anyone and requires logging in, not just the Captcha code. Therefore, users feel safe and anonymous enough to make their research and choose fav kinks

How do I hook up free 

Kinky clubs and body rub salons are perfect for hookups. But they have one common flaw, it’s the necessity to pay. So, many singles just go for old good hookups with local thots instead

In other words, a thot is the most open-minded female in the area who is ok with a sex-positive boyfriend or casual hookup mate. They are welcoming the threesome idea, too. 

A question arises, how to find such personals online. Worry not, dozens if not hundreds of local quickie apps and sites are going to assist you in your naughty yet budget-friendly quest


Free Hookup On Rubratings
Hookup Women For Free

Still wondering why would Instagram models pose with duck-lipped selfies? Well, it’s to promote their oral skills. The Instabang database is big enough and greatly represents Insta celebs. 

Instabang chat gives all the possibilities for expressing your needs and preferences prior to the real meeting. If you have special wishes or kinks, just talk them out with your new sex mate

  • Real models 
  • Escort girls 
  • Female students 
  • Sugar babies
  • Cougar 

One can be sure all these basic categories of women are present on Instabang. If you are really seeking free hookups though, avoid the sugar babies category as it requires investments. 


There are bigger and more famous sites for casual meetings but Smooch is worthy of one’s attention and rather effective. There are probably fewer women in its database but most are real

Woman Chatting Online
Casual Dating Chat

Many of them are ready to jump to the nearest cab and have a hot night with you. The site is sex-focused and offers a sexual compatibility test, along with such search options as group sex

  • Naughty video chats 
  • One-night-stands
  • Anonymous quickies 

Probably because the majority of users are young and they seek fun, there’s an atmosphere of relax and entertainment. People indeed join it with the purpose of meeting new friends and lovers. 

Although the platform is meant for some very frank communication and even couples exchange their swinger experience online, nearly no one looks or behaves in a vulgar manner. 


Want to know where thots are the most encouraged to make the first step? Those are female-focused sites like Bumble. Nothing stops the girls there from taking the iniciative

They made an accent on women’s protection. It’s trendy nowadays but not many people realize the importance and not many platforms do concrete steps for that. 

Get Hookup In Europe
Europe Dating Service
  • BumbleBFF
  • BumbleBizz
  • Bumble Hive

These are some of the special features that differ one’s experience on Bumble from hookups on other platforms. BFF is for long-term friendships with benefits with thots. 

While BumbleBizz is for common projects with the most pro-active females or cougar singles. And Bumble Hive is a hall pass to various kinky parties in one’s area.

What is partners swapping on hookup sites 

Lots of modern hookup sites would offer partners swapping, not just to professional swingers but also to amateur couples or groups of buddies seeking fun. 

Special niche sex apps and nightclub events are called to unite folks who joined with this kinky purpose. There is a soft swap and a full swap, with and without the penetration accordingly

Swingers Dating Club 

Threesomes are in fact a sign of the utmost trust and intimacy between two romantic partners. They share everything from a family budget or domesticity to extra partners in sex. 

Online Video Call Hookup
Hookup Video Call

With all the variety of swinger hookup sites in 2021/2022, modern couples keep on choosing SDC and it feels big. This source really encourages people to be themselves

  • Threesomes – 22%
  • 2 couples – 45%
  • Gangs – 13%
  • Big kinky gatherings – 20%

The calendar for the last sub-category is available in the SDC blog. On such a great scale, the source provides group kinks of all kinds and grows even more popular with years. 


Quiver unites couples and unicorns, but also dominant couples or groups with submissive singles and vice-versa. It really isn’t for vanilla folks, so get prepared for unusual stuff. 

It’s a great way to hookup in a kinky manner without spending on escorts. Quiver is nicely designed and modern, with all the social and communicative features one expects to use. 

The availability of features depends on how many percent of the profile one has filled

  • 50% – viewing other profiles
  • 60% – seeing Who’s interested
  • 70% – sending Quivers / ice breakers
  • 80% – chatting. 

What makes Quiver so convenient for experiment lovers is the variety of options in the profile. If a single female is rather a dominatrix and prefers to give anal sex, she can indicate that too. 

Dating On Hookup Ninja
Free Hookup Dating


As a dating, hookup, and escort site, TheAdultHub combines everything modern singles could expect from it. The most progressive categories of mates and providers are met there. 

The accessibility of all these exotic and alluring categories, from hot young unicorns to BDSM performers and drag queens, probably explains the high price of the platform. 

  • LGBT and trans hookups 
  • Gay and straight first-timers 
  • Heavy bondage 
  • Couples parties 

The greatest advice ever received regarding adult dating is following, do not date. Join kinky communities where you can find like-minded friends. Then get closer with a buddy you like

And that is why one needs TheAdultHub with its group chats, private messenger, personal videos and photo galleries, forums, and blogs. It’s a perfect and friendly environment for bi-curious.